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Better Math Tutoring With Amoeba Math If you have ever tried to tutor a young math student, you know the challenges you face. Short attention spans. A million other interests. And their seemingly insatiable appetite to be playing video games.Make Math Tutoring fun and successful with Amoeba Math Video Game At Amoeba Math, we understand […]

GED Prep

Your Math Review Starts Here! Need GED Math Help?     Heading back to school as an adult?     Forgot a lot of math?

Learning Disabled

It Doesn’t Matter Math Learning Disability A study was made of data obtained by a search of many different public records of 5718 children in Rochester, Minnesota above age 5. Three different measures of Math LD (regression-based discrepancy, nonregression-based discrepancy, low achievement) were used. It was found that Math LD: Is common (5.9% to 13.8%) […]


If you got here, you already know that any child curious about how things work in science & technology needs a real understanding of mathematics, and that knowing the math facts is essential to gain this understanding.   What you really need to know is why you should buy a math facts game called Amoeba Math. […]

Public Schools

Public School Students Soar Ahead with Amoeba Math Are your student’s convinced they know their math facts when they really don’t?