Barbaresi, W. J. , S. K. Katusic, R. C. Colligan, A. L. Weaver,& S. J. Jacobsen, S.J.,“Math Learning Disorder: Incidence in a Population-Based Birth Cohort, 1976–82, Rochester, Minn. ” Ambulatory Pediatrics, Volume 5, Issue 5, September-October 2005, Pages 281-289.

Review – Kalee, Mother of 1st Grade Student

We asked Gabriel’s mom, Kalee, what she thought about Amoeba Math and its approach to teaching math. She replied, “Well, I really didn’t know what to expect, or maybe, I didn’t expect anything.

Review – Gabriel – 1st Grade

Gabriel helped us test Amoeba Math through its development last school year. She told us that she kind of liked the game and that she would play several times on the weekend.

Review – Corey, 6 year old Homeschool Student

Corey is your average six year old kid, blonde hair and dark blue eyes. We met Corey at the Oklahoma City OCHEC Convention one weekend when we were first testing the market for Amoeba Math.

Proven Results

1. Amazing Progress by a Louisiana School District The school district chose to invest in every student in the district instead of just those who were failing. They installed Amoeba Math on every computer in the computer lab, and for one year let students play the game whenever they completed their regular assignment for the […]


Better Math Tutoring With Amoeba Math If you have ever tried to tutor a young math student, you know the challenges you face. Short attention spans. A million other interests. And their seemingly insatiable appetite to be playing video games.Make Math Tutoring fun and successful with Amoeba Math Video Game At Amoeba Math, we understand […]

GED Prep

Your Math Review Starts Here! Need GED Math Help?     Heading back to school as an adult?     Forgot a lot of math?

Learning Disabled

It Doesn’t Matter Math Learning Disability A study was made of data obtained by a search of many different public records of 5718 children in Rochester, Minnesota above age 5. Three different measures of Math LD (regression-based discrepancy, nonregression-based discrepancy, low achievement) were used. It was found that Math LD: Is common (5.9% to 13.8%) […]


If you got here, you already know that any child curious about how things work in science & technology needs a real understanding of mathematics, and that knowing the math facts is essential to gain this understanding.   What you really need to know is why you should buy a math facts game called Amoeba Math. […]

Public Schools

Public School Students Soar Ahead with Amoeba Math Are your student’s convinced they know their math facts when they really don’t?