Memory and Adrenaline

J.L. McGaugh has examined how emotional arousal influences memory consolidation. In particular, he has found that stress hormones, such as cortisol, mediate much of the effects of emotional arousal on subsequent retention of the event.

The Science Behind Amoeba Math

There has been a virtual explosion of research on brain functioning and learning over the last 40 or so years. This has been due to new technologies that allow one to image the brain as it is working. These technologies are usually referred to by their abbreviations:

Math Facts Confuse Our Brain

Mental confusion occurs because of cross-talk between the addition and multiplication facts.

Gifted & STEM

Given two children, each is invariably more talented than the other in at least one thing. Moreover, talent is at most due to 50% inherited. But talent is not genius and the consensus among the experts now is that genius is learned and not present at birth (Dehaene, 2011).


The computerized presentation of information allows the use of multiple senses, the breakdown of material into smaller pieces, provision of immediate feedback, and the limitation of unnecessary, distracting features (DuPaul & Weyandt, 2006).


There has been some literature concerning games for dyslexics, but not a lot of research (Ohene-Djan). A camp for dyslexics at Nichols State University used another of our games, MathGym-1D, in 2009.


Computer-assisted instruction has also shown advantages over personal instruction for some people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Children with ASD were more interested in computers than toys and like computer instruction better than personal instruction (Bernard-Opitz, Sriram, & Nakhoda-Sapuan, 2001). Some children with ASD appear to be more attentive and less resistant to computers than […]

Math Learning Disability

A study was made of data obtained by a search of many different public records of 5718 children in Rochester, Minnesota above age 5.  Three different measures of Math LD (regression-based discrepancy, non-regression-based discrepancy, low achievement) were used as proxy definitions of Math LD.

Brain Plasticity

Once thought to be static after early childhood, it has been found that the human brain is remarkably plastic, a term meaning that it can rewire itself.

Memory and Sleep

Sleep has been identified as a state that optimizes the consolidation of newly acquired information in memory, depending on the specific conditions of learning and the timing of sleep. Consolidation during sleep promotes both quantitative and qualitative changes of memory representations.” (Diekelmann & Born).