Review – Corey, 6 year old Homeschool Student

Corey is your average six year old kid, blonde hair and dark blue eyes. We met Corey at the Oklahoma City OCHEC Convention one weekend when we were first testing the market for Amoeba Math. At conventions we have contests for kids, with high score winning an Amoeba Math game. As you can imagine, the competition was pretty good among these young people. What makes Corey’s story stand out though was what he did to win the contest. Right off the bat, Corey led the pack as far as the high score was concerned. But he had some tough competitors. When it looked like he might be beat, Corey requested that he be allowed to move from the Basic level to the Advanced level. The advanced setting on the game is more difficult than the basic setting and presents tougher math problems. Never mind that; Corey was not going to be beat, and he quickly learned how to answer such addition problems as 12+5 or 11+6. Generally these types of math problems are taught to 2nd graders, not six year olds. But Corey not only taught himself what the answer to these problems were, but after a few times of playing the advanced level, he got very good at them. In fact he could solve some problems like 11+8 in only four seconds. Remember, Corey is only six. Needless to say, Corey won a free copy of Amoeba Math and he really loves the game. His parents also like to see how Corey is advancing in his math skills.