Better Math Tutoring With Amoeba Math
If you have ever tried to tutor a young math student, you know the challenges you face. Short attention spans. A million other interests. And their seemingly insatiable appetite to be playing video games.Make Math Tutoring fun and successful with Amoeba Math Video Game

At Amoeba Math, we understand that young students learn differently now than they did 20 years ago. So we have developed a Math made fun with cool new math video game Amoeba Mathresearched tested Math Video Game that will reinforce your tutoring efforts. Long after your student has left your tutoring session, they can be practicing their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts on their home computer, iPhone, iPad or other smart device.

Our Amoeba Math Video Game combines the fun and fast paced that their young minds are tuned for with the timelessly important math development skills they will need to be successful now and employable later.