Public Schools

Public School Students Soar Ahead with Amoeba Math

Are your student’s convinced they know their math facts when they really don’t?  Let them play Amoeba Math at the Advanced or Expert level and they will soon find out that knowing your facts is more than filling in a table quickly.

Some Louisiana public school students given the chance to play Amoeba Math in the computer lab soared ahead after playing the game one year during free time.

American students spend more time playing video games each week than they do working on their math homework. So why not have them play Amoeba Math and learn while they have fun?


Research proven software that works!


A fun and challenging format for your student to learn their basic math facts and beyond:

  •          Addition and Subtraction
  •          Multiplication and Division
  •          Negative Numbers

During one 15 minute game:

  •          Total focus the entire time
  •          30 to 60 problems worked

They want to play again and again because its fun

Research proven software that works!

Teachers love that their students learn while they play


Amoeba Math provides rapid fire action that keeps students engaged, challenged and smiling as they learn their Math Facts.