If you got here, you already know that any child curious about how things work in science & technology needs a real understanding of mathematics, and that knowing the math facts is essential to gain this understanding.


What you really need to know is why you should buy a math facts game called Amoeba Math.

Here are the basics:

  • Most kids will work between 40 and 60 problems in one 15 minute game and enjoy every minute.
  • Facts problems appear randomly, rather than in table form.
  • The game setup is randomly different every time so no pattern is memorized, just the facts.
  • The game is progressive. It starts slow, but gifted students will rapidly progress to the Expert and Masters levels where negative and two digit numbers are involved.
  • Did we mention it is a lot of nerve-wracking fun? All the adults who have played this game love it and you will too! Our initial reports from customers are that their children continue playing this game for over a year.


Give your child a head start in Algebra. Try out MathGym-1D 

Mathgym-1D is a game that gives an intuitive introduction to Algebra that allows bright children to start at the beginning and progress at their own pace all the way to Algebra.  Variables are introduced as “wild cards”, an idea even 5 year olds get, and negative numbers are introduced via their intuitive understanding of walking.  The word problems are in “card decks” covering grades K-8, and an Algebra deck. Your children will think they are playing a really fun game, but they will actually be learning and practicing math.

  • Negative numbers
  • Using variables
  • Exponents
  • Constructing and evaluating algebraic expressions
  • Word problems.

It is browser-based, so you can play it on any computer with anybody in the World at anytime.  Free for a week; it can be leased by the month or by the year.

Find it at