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Your Math Review Starts Here!

Need GED Math Help?     Heading back to school as an adult?     Forgot a lot of math?

Why not have fun while refreshing your math skills? Amoeba Math’s fast pace and fun as a video game will keep even an adult challenged, especially at the higher difficulty levels.

Short, intense, 15 minute long games will generate between 40 and 60 math facts problems that will keep you entertained while you rebuild your basic math facts skills and beyond. Research proven to increase high stakes testing scores, Amoeba Math is the perfect tool to help you begin your preparation for getting your GED!

  • Fun game play helps remove math anxiety.
  • You will become confident of your math abilities and tackle problems immediately instead of wasting valuable time dragging your feet.
  • Lots of math facts drills hidden inside the game.
  • Other computations will be easier because you can do quick and accurate mental calculations and this will give you valuable time to work more GED test problems.

You may have thought it too late for you to really learn the math facts, or that it wouldn’t do you any good to learn them now anyway, but you would be wrong. If you play two 15 minute Amoeba Math games every day for a solid week you will work between 600 and 700 problems without even noticing it. Think what you can do in a month!


Bonus: MathGym-1D will get you up to speed in Algebra

We also offer another math game to help you prepare for the GED called MathGym-1D. It gives an easy introduction and lots of practice to

  • Negative numbers
  • Using variables
  • Exponents
  • Constructing and evaluating algebraic expressions
  • Word problems.

The word problems start at the Kindergarten level and end with general math and Algebra problems. You can review all of your basic mathematics, proceed at your onwn pace, and have fun at the same time!

It is browser-based, so you can play it on any computer. It can be leased by the month or by the year.

Find it at